Brendan Cox Low cost websites


The full package is just $200 (NZD) and includes:

  • Design and creation of a 1-4 page website
  • First year of web hosting (after that, $50 per year).
  • First year of registration of a .com web address (after that, around $20 per year. Other web addresses may cost more).
  • Assistance (if desired) with written content to go on website

All in one bill. Available to customers anywhere in the world.

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Things to think about...


The $50 per year hosting (first year included in the package) is for a basic website only.

If you need to edit the content on a regular basis, you may like your website to run on WordPress. The hosting for this is $100 per year (and so the initial cost for the full package would be $250 - still pretty damn cheap).

The cost of hosting may need to be higher if you expect to have a lot of traffic. The cheapest hosting is good for up to around 1000 visitors per month - normally more than enough for a small business serving local customers.


You may have photos of your own to supply. Otherwise they can be sourced from various websites that make stock photos available for free. As part of the package, I'll be able to look for photos that might be a good fit for your business.

In some cases, there may not be suitable free photos available. Other sites offer photos at around $10 - $30 each.

If you need something more unique to your business, you may need to hire a professional photographer in your area. I'll be happy to discuss which option might be best.

Examples of my work

I can also create web applications (e.g. where a customer can log in, perform certain tasks, etc.)

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